By Kat Dopper

Wednesgays are the new Saturdays in Sydney. Newtown is where it’s all happening, there is Birdcage for the gals at the Slyfox, dancing at Tokyo Sing Song and also the trusted gals nights at the Newtown Hotel. Tomorrow night, check out our pal Astrix Little at her single launch!
Astrix Little is the bridge between ethereal pop music and bass heavy club music.  Her unique synth work, angelic vocals and wide eyed magnetism combine to make for one hell of a show.  Think Bikini Kill ferocity, Grimes technicality and Elizabeth Rose sweetness and you have Astrix Little.
She’s enrapturing. She’s bewitching. She’s magic.  Come be apart of this tiny tornado. She will suck you in.
Astrix Little 
These Nights Launch Party 
Newtown Hotel, Wed 31 Aug
featuring performances from Astrix Little, Goo and Yes Rave’s Catlyf.
These Nights is the second single off Astrix Little’s debut album ‘Why I Never Learnt to Drive’ due to be released 9 Sept 2016.
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