Get a Cory Bernachos t-shirt and make money for Headspace!

By Kat Dopper

Australian pro marriage-equality t-shirt co-op ‘THE MAJORITY WHIP’ have created a spicy Cory Bernachos t-shirt, apparently to ‘add some flavour to one of Australia’s most tasteless politicians, Cory Bernardi.

According to The Majority Whip, their first design ‘​Cory Bernachos​’ was created out of frustration with the current political climate, where the hard right is steering the direction of the country and politicians like Cory Bernardi &  Eric Abetz spend their time hurling disparaging comments at the other side, whilst important social issues are purposefully ignored.
They go on to say that “In 2016, the subjugation of minorities is a plague that’s arguably propagated for the most part by the powers that be in government through both self­-serving and downright bad policy. THE MAJORITY WHIP ​exists to highlight and ridicule disastrous and selfish political ideology through satire (namely, t­-shirts), whilst reminding everyone that hate is taught and learned, and as such, can be overcome and should absofuckinglutely be made fun of”.


In the past, Bernardi has been quoted as saying there’s an observable link between “non­traditional” (same-­sex parent) families and higher levels of “criminality among boys and promiscuity among girls”. If you can believe it, Bernardi also believes the ‘Safe Schools ‘ program (which is designed to remove stigma and help encourage understanding and inclusiveness for LGBTI children in schools among peers), is a “propaganda program” designed to brainwash kids into becoming LGBTI adults. In 2014 Bernardi also took a moment of out of his supposedly busy schedule to lament that “the path to bigamy and bestiality is paved upon the lawful legislation of same sex marriage”..


These unapologetically inflammatory and divisive statements, coupled with Bernardi’s peculiar interest in the relationship status and sexuality of those in the LGBTI community; are not only curious positions for an allegedly straight man to hold, but they’re concerning. Bernardi’s sentiments highlight the need to combat lack of education through cultural exposure and community diversity..

It’s for these reasons that THE MAJORITY WHIP have decided to add some fabulousness to Bernardi’s world.

You can pick up Cory Bernachos at for $25 + postage.

All profits from the sale of Cory Bernachos will be donated to ‘headspace’, a wonderful youth mental health charity, dedicated to improving the well-being of young Australians”

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