Heaps Gay Joins Vivid Music 2016 Line Up

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Heaps Gay and Vivid Sydney are, in the words of Janet Jackson, together again, and good times will be shared again.

After the runaway success of our 2015 sellout party, Marrickville’s Factory Theatre will be transformed once more, into a day & night carnival; an all immersive, all inclusive festival of music, art and performance across 3 stages on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend.
This year we have ramped up our live contingent, and we’re stoked to present a headline set from intercity heart-throbs Collarbones, alongside Melbourne disco-rock weirdos The Blow Waves.  Just announced, the magnetic Rainbow Chan will be backed by an all-female band featuring Moon Holiday & Corin.

Melbourne trailblazer Yo! Mafia will be joined by the Heaps Gay Twerk Team for a set of unbridled hedonism, while Melbourne pocket monster HTML Flowers will hyper beam into our hearts. Rounding out the showcase of live local queer talent is alien baby-doll Simo Soo, and neon punks Dweeb City.

Collarbones : Marcus Whale & Travis Cook, Long distance teen pop you can’t miss.

The Blow Waves5 piece disco rock band from Melbourne with front man Matt Doll from ex front man from The Mavis’s

Yo! Mafia: Melbourne Hip Hop super star, a regular hit with Mardi Gras, Joined by the Heaps Tweking Team.


HTML Flowers: 

Simo Soo: Electronic music and hip hop artist based in Sydney.

Dweeb City / Daisy Knight: Neon colour goddess. Art meet music on stage by Daisy Knight and the rest of Dweep City.

Our live acts will be joined by a heaving hoard of talent on the decks including Adi Toohey, Ariane, Fleetwood Crack, Jack Shit, The Smuts, Yung Brujo and butt-loads more. 

In the art department, Sydney’s vogue trail-blazers Bhenji Ra & Slé are set to destroy, while shape-shifter Caroline Garcia takes us on a joy-filled interactive trip to the past with her Soul Train.. Freak out!

Bask in the alluring beauty of miss Radha La Bia, direct from Newtown via Mumbai, while Jenny Kee and Alfred Hitchcock collide with the ornithological antics of Deep Sea Astronauts. We’re HEAPS proud to announce a special showcase from local organization Heaps Decent, who offer mentorship and opportunity for young people from marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

Become a part of Heaps Gay film history with the Witches Dance Tank, while bathing in the glow of projections and installations from Zender Bender, Mikaela Stafford, Torrie Torrie and Saara McHale. 

Finally, keeping them all in check, your Heaps Gay hostesses with the most-messes, Wisteria Hysteria.. Let’s get hysterical.

Stay tuned for upcoming artist profiles, interviews and much, much more.

Early bird tickets on sale now, and all tickets include entry to afterparty at the Oxford Hotel, Oxford St.




Collarbones (LIVE)

The Blow Waves (LIVE -Melb)

Rainbow Chan with Live Band featuring Corin & Moon Holiday.  (LIVE)

Yo! Mafia w/ Heaps Gay Twerk Team

Heaps Decent showcase (LIVE)
HTML Flowers (LIVE)

Simo Soo (LIVE)

Dweeb City (LIVE)

Adi Toohey

Jack Shit

Fleetwood Crack

SIdeboob DJ’s

Yung Brujo

The Smuts
Heaps Gay DJs


Slé (Bhenji Ra & The Pioneers)
Heaps Decent Showcase

Caroline Garcia

Radha La Bia

Witches Dance Tank
Zender Bender

Torrie Torrie

Saara McHale

Mikaela Stafford

Deep Sea Astronauts

& your hosts, ✿ Wisteria Hysteria ✿

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