By Kat Dopper

Ahead of his January shows, Colwell reps the Aussie artists exploring sexuality and gender identity on record.

Sydney man-about-town Jack Colwell took his intense singer-songwriter style national in 2015, scoring a mid-year hit with Don’t Cry Those Tears  and winning over none other than Sarah Blasko, who’s added him to her upcoming national tour.

He also convinced Aussie icon Claudia Karvan – yes, that Claudia Karvan – to murder him in his latest video clip:

Jack is playing shows in Sydney and Melbourne this week with rising stars Sophie Lowe and Woodes. To mark the occasion, he’s compiled a Heaps Gay playlist featuring Australian tracks that explore sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

SOPHIE LOWE: “Pink Flowers”

Sophie has to deal with a lot of unwanted attention due to her high-profile acting work, but in this track she is owning her sexuality, and not apologising. Sophie makes all the rules here – she’s in control and empowered. I can’t wait to hear this track live at Newtown Social Club on Saturday!

JACK COLWELL: “Seek The Wilde”

Discovering your sexuality can be a fraught experience for queer people – but on this track, I wanted to explore the idea of sexual identity as something to celebrate, and refute the idea that the discovery has to be angst-ridden. To me, the instruments on the song speak of spring, as in to grow.


I love how earnest the lyrics are in this song, and it’s sung with true conviction. There is something so brazen and daring in the idea of giving all of one’s self to someone. A captivating single from one of my favourite records, “I Awake”, with a mesmerising clip by WILK.

DIVINYLS: “I Touch Myself”

Possibly the ultimate love song. Chrissy isn’t anything but in control on this song (or on any Divinyls song for that matter). I think the main thing I love about this track is how it has evolved with time, and as Chrissy grew as an icon, and inspired people to claim their sexuality, this song grew and changed in meaning beyond the initial interpretations in the 1990s.

GOLD CLASS: “Michael”

There is a real lack of queer voices in Australian rock, which makes Adam Curley’s music and lyrics important. Having said that, Gold Class would be a raw and exciting band no matter what Adam was singing about. I’m a huge fan.


There is so much homoeroticism in the relationships between teenage boys, and for a self-identifying straight man to talk about it in music is really brave and punk.


Ella Hooper might’ve shot to fame as a teen in Killing Heidi, but this is a completely grown-up song that uses powerful Wiccan imagery to explore lust and power – putting someone under your spell. Think “Practical Magic”. Another great WILK clip, too.

Catch Jack Colwell at Shebeen in Melbourne on Friday 8th January and Newtown Social Club in Sydney on Saturday 9th January.

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