Loose Ends Mantra: Dance. Music. Sex. Romance.

By Kat Dopper

LOOSE ENDS, the underground queer/gay/whatever institution since 2006. They used to call Phoenix home but like most of Sydney, they took a blow when the lockouts hit and most of Oxford street was sold off.

After a small hiatus, the guys now throw their all inclusive parties at Oxfords Art Factory.

So they are back this weekend with A Spring Affair Two rooms of love + dancing + music by Loose Ends resident DJ MATT VAUGHAN with special guests BEN DRAYTON + HIP HOP HOE, the return of the L’OASIS BACKROOM starring ROHAN WILLARD and LUKE O’CONNOR featuring MAGDA BYTNEROWICZ.

Ahead of their party this weekend, we asked LE Master Matt Vaughan about the Loose Ends Mantra – Dance. Music. Sex. Romance and to send us a bunch of pictures and some of the best memories over the past 10 years.,

Well firstly, it was obviously stolen lovingly from the title of an all time fave Prince song. And it has always felt to me to be exactly what Loose Ends is about.

Dancing is everything. It’s freedom. It’s release. It’s one of my biggest joys in life. I always hope people leave a Loose Ends party feeling that beautiful satisfaction of having really danced all night.

Music is life! And the primary focus of Loose Ends and the selection of all of the many guests that have played there over the years has been about sharing a passion for amazing dance music. Going deep with it but also not being afraid to have fun with it. The music is always squarely at the centre of it all.

And what is a queer party without celebrating queer sex and sexuality. It’s an energy that has always been welcome at Loose Ends. Dancefloor lust is one of the best kinds.

Romance. It’s the cherry on top.

Last tickets on sale now for Saturday…. Get em here….. 


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