The Lil Queer Blog Is Back – Wanna Play?

By Kat Dopper

Need a place to rant, express, sing, scream online during this crisis? Send us your submissions, online events, stories and we’ll post & share them. The Lil Blog Is Back!

During mardi gras expired, the very amateur platform for LGBTQIA+ storytelling that has chugged away over 6 years. A domain broker overseas bought the domain, deleted everything and then demanded $600 US bucks to buy it back. It’s now a site for bisexual chat, meeting friends, video skillz &….. kitchen composting! ♻️ Haha. They know us so well.

Over the years we have had SO many legends contribute to this lil fella such as Samuel Leighton Dore (SBS) Jonno Revanche, (Archer), Matilda Douglas Henry (Junkee) Ollie Henderson ( House Of Riot), Simona Castricum (Musician) Jerico Mandybur (Oyster/GirlBoss) ++++ It would have been really really Sh*t if it disappeared into the universe)

We decided not to give in to their ransom and a absolute legend from our community, hit me up and said “I CAN FIX IT FOR YOU” (Thank You)

The little blog LIVES and will chug along, with an .au on the end.

SO as we head further into a bunk down in our houses during Covid – 19 & need to be entertained we’ll use this site to document this crazy time.

Are you making crocheted penises? doing dress up photo series projects with your flatmates? Writing about how the world is going to end? Wanna tell us all about how much you love your GF?

If you think others will get a kick out of it. SEND TO US. We’ll also share any online queer events for the community +++ ,

PS – If you wanna write/create/be apart of this lil project while we’re hanging in the house self isolating. HMU.

See you IRL very soon. x

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