By Kat Dopper

On the 10th day of Xmas, my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree. AND too many bloody Xmas Carols. We obviously love Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey and N*SYNC’s Christmas albums more than life but we asked DEL to send us her favourite Xmas bangers to help us get through the silly season. 

Check em out and catch DEL at Heaps Gay this Saturday night at The Oxford Hotel.

#1 Liza Mancini – ‘A Summer Night’

There isn’t a Christmas season like ones in Sydney. Forget your Kris Kringle – best enjoy the balmy nights w/ people you like.


#2 Koto – ‘Visitors’

A great soundtrack for when you’re at some gathering full of strange visitors.

#3 The Black Madonna – ‘Say My Name’ 

A great soundtrack for when you’re talking to strange visitors who don’t remember your name.

#4 The Warlord – ‘The Ultimate Warlord’

Sometimes you need to switch to warlord mode to get things done and avoid getting burned during the X-mas season, everyone understands.

#5 Diplo ft. Angger Dimas + Nicky Da B- ‘Frosty Bounce’

See you Saturday at Heaps Gay!

Del Lumanta is a DJ and artist living in Sydney. She has played in Sydney and Melbourne, supported musicians such as Cakes Da Killa (USA), House of Ladosha (USA), Le1f (USA), LA Vampires (USA), Royal Headache & Holy Balm. She has held residencies at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Newtown Hotel (astroturf era) and currently coordinates Double Vision a showcase of experimental and DIY music at Verge Gallery, Sydney.

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