Hands Up Who Wants To Be In An Ad For Marriage Equality

By Mikey Carr

So the lovely people at Australian Marriage Equality and Finch video production are making an ad and they’re putting the call out to you, the people of the LGBTIQ+ community, to get involved and appear in it.

A call to action for the Australian people to agitate for change, the ad will be broadcast on TV all across the nation and will be the perfect opportunity to let Australia know how you feel about this issue.

They’re specifically looking for people who work in jobs that have are a service to the community or have a selfless aspect. Think doctors, nurses, teachers, aged care workers, firefighters etc. Applicants will also need to be able to get approval from the entity they represent, so make sure you get permission.

So if you’re interested in appearing in the spot, you fit the criteria and you are available on Monday 23rd  or Tuesday 24th January all you have to do is send an email to leon@i4casting.com.au and he will run you through what you have to do.

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