Meet Fortunes. – R&B’s Newest And Most Dreamy Duo

By Sam Eacott

Fortunes. is the music project of Melbourne via New Zealand duo Conor McCabe and Barnaby Matthews. Their dreamy brand of R&B is dense with storytelling while blissfully harkening back to the classics of the genre. Their new tune ‘501’s’, their first released on Sydney label Future Classic, is a syrupy synth tune built upon some absolutely phenomenal vocal harmonies. Talking to Linda Marigilano on Triple J’s ‘Good Nights’, Fortunes. explained that the track is about “when the weather is hot and you see a hot guy and he looks real good in his jeans.”. We decided to catch up with Conor before the ‘501’s’ single launch this Saturday, 12th November, at the Hudson Ballroom in Sydney.

How did Fortunes. come together?
We went to the same high school in NZ but didn’t really meet properly until we had both moved to Melbourne. Introduced ourselves at a party and decided we should try making a track together and we just worked well together.

What do you want people to experience at your gigs?
I just want people to have fun and dance and know me better.

Recently you signed to Future Classic, what’s your favourite thing about that label?
I just really like all the people that work there. Everyone is awesome and onto it. I feel very lucky.

My friend first showed me the song Justin Bieber on a roadtrip to Melbourne and I was instantly hooked, what made you write that song?
One night I was feeling sad and had been listening to Justin Bieber, “Where Are U Now” and was just like seriously where are you? Was thinking about all these Bieber songs and then I went on to Justin Timberlake ones too and just formed that verse verse around some of those really. The second verse was all Destiny’s Child ones plus Solange.

Justin Bieber also references Frank Ocean’s then long awaited Boy’s Dont Cry, what do you think of Endless and Blonde?
When they came out my debit card had just expired so I couldn’t join apple music and I was seriously freaking so I made my housemate start her free trial after much convincing and desperation. When she finally went through all those genres and things you have to click so they can recommend you music, (this actually drove me crazy. could this not be done later?) my life pretty much changed again like it did with Channel Orange. Both blonde and channel orange came at times of need for me too. I honestly sat at my table and listened to Blonde for like five days hey. On the first listen i had started reading the lyrics along with listening and then i stopped for a few songs but was back on them by the time it got to Solo I think. I couldn’t bare not taking it all in fully on the first listen. I might’ve cried a few times or at least held my heart. How do you know everything, Frank? Can Self Control not be a thing plz, it gives me way too many ideas about things. Solo is some sing it from the mountain tops kinda shit.

You’re playing the amazing Laneway Festival next year, what acts on the line-up are you keen to see live?
So excited to see Nao. Also real keen for Mick Jenkins, Flight Facilities and Tame Impala.

The Fortunes. 501’s Tour is coming to Sydney’s Hudson Ballroom on November 12th, what can we expect to see live?
Lots of words being sung. Seriously why do I write so many words I can’t even sing them all in one go. Some dance moves will happen! A sick outfit I haven’t decided on yet.

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