Queers of Newcastle

By Isabella Cornell

Over the October long weekend we headed up to Newcastle for the first stop on our Heaps Gay travelling gap year. In the first event of what is going to span twelve country pubs in twelve months, we took our all inclusive vibes to Newcastle’s oldest (and for a long time, only) gay pub. In a celebration of everything fab, we brought The Magda Szubanskis, Sveta Gilerman, Dunny Minoque, Estee Louder & Heaps Gay DJ’s with us and partied hard with our Novacastrian friends. Relishing in everything 80’s, 90’s disco, drag, sparkles, leather, burlesque and much more we kicked off our travelling gap year in true heaps gay style.

Facing homophobic slurs and thrown bottles, we quickly realised the importance of these sorts of events in the face of often almost invisible queer scenes in towns like Newcastle. Despite this we caught up with some ever-unfaltering locals to celebrate the diversity that exists beyond the Sydney bubble. Here’s a few inspiring locals we met along the way.






IMG_9947 IMG_9946 IMG_9945 IMG_9959 IMG_9954 IMG_9950 IMG_9949



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