Kyra Bartley Proves Love Knows No Bounds With New Work Love Is Love

By Mikey Carr

Valentine’s Day can be tough for anyone who falls outside the purview of hetero-normative love, as the mainstream media becomes inundated with images heavily reinforcing narrow views of love that ignore the diversity of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and more.

Well it turns out we’re not the only ones who have had about enough of it, with director Kyra Bartley offering a wonderfully diverse alternative in her latest work, a short animation titled Love Is Love.

Inviting artists from all around the world to work together on the project, Love Is Love is a shimmering piece of collaborative animation that celebrates the beauty of love in all it’s forms. With each artist’s work stitched together to create the animation, the result is a dazzling and truly diverse artwork that is the perfect antidote to the vacuity of Valentine’s.

“With heartbreak, confusion and shouty news articles filling our feeds, we’ll take all the love we can get,” said Bartley of her inspiration behind the work, and it’s very specific timing.

“So this Valentine’s Day, when saccharine representations of storybook romance threaten to overtake common sense, we’ll be splashing our corner of the internet with a celebration of love in all its forms.”

Artists as diverse as Max Prentis from London, Lauren YS from the United States and Nanami Cowdroy from Australia (among many others) came together with producer Aborah Buick and composer Johnny Mackay (Fascinator, Children Collide) to collaborate on the project, with the diversity of artists reflecting the work’s message of love and unity.

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Kyra on this absolutely beautiful project” said Buick.

“With so much discourse in Australia around marriage equality,I think it’s a timely reminder that all love is equal, beautiful and worthy of acknowledgement,” he added.

The Love Is Love project will extend across social to feature a contributing artist each week over the coming months.

You can view Love Is Love here and please join the #loveisloveanimation conversation on Facebook or Instagram.

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