Heaps Gay and Dendy’s Moonlight Discount Code Live Today

By Mikey Carr

Thanks to the amazing people at Dendy, from today any of you lucky Heaps Gay-ers and a friend can go and see Barry Jenkins masterpiece Moonlight at Sydney’s Dendy Newtown or Dendy Opera Quays for only 15 Dollarydoos. Who says we don’t ever give you nice things, huh?

All you have to do is go online and put in/go in in person and tell the attendant this code; “PMOON”

In case you missed our review of the film, and pretty much every movie critic in the world raving about it, here is brief recap.

The film tells the story of Chiron, a young gay black boy growing up in the tough suburbs of Miami. Chronicling him coming to terms with his sexuality, manhood and place in society, while being routinely persecuted by his peers and abused by his drug addicted mother, Jenkins breaks the story up into three chapters showing us how Chiron goes from young boy, to awkward teenager and withdrawn man.

Lovingly made and beautifully told, the film resists any convenient definitions choosing to inhabit its characters honestly rather than bluntly drive home its themes. It follows the characters through everything from meditations on African American identity and the horrible experience of homophobia in American society, to rejoicing in simple pleasure of sitting on a beach at night (and more) or the awkwardness of catching up with an old friend after a long absence. A harrowing yet uplifting story, Jenkins captures the raw intimacy of every moment with a natural emotional realism broken up by the unconventional structure and style.

What I’m saying is it’s really really good, which probably has something to do with why it’s won a boat load of awards already including the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, along with a heap of others.

So there you go, you should definitely go see it, plus with this discount, you have no excuse.

Moonlight is in cinemas now.

Enter our code “PMOON” in person or online for two tickets to see Moonlight at Dendy Newtown or Dendy Opera Quays.



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